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The full moon in Aries follows Mabon on September 29th. The autumn equinox is nature’s reminder that balance between light and dark forces is vital, and with Mars transiting through Libra, lessons around harmony continue during the full moon. This lunar moment allows us to consciously channel the warrior within and bring balance to our shadow manifestations of this archetype. 

Aries is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. Connected to confidence, courage, will, leadership and more, this archetype represents the warrior side of our psyches. Being the first sign of the zodiac, it is associated with rebirth as well as the passion and excitement that comes with it. Aries is the burst of life and creativity during the spring. As the pioneer of the zodiac, it is connected to the exploration of self, and thus, identity. This sign is about discovering who we are, what we stand for, and how to fight for it. It is the part of our psyches that can distinguish between where we stop and another begins, allowing us to set boundaries, communicate our needs directly, and face our fears.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, transits through Libra during the full moon. These forces are opposites, Mars being connected to war and Libra to peace, harmony, and balance. This placement reminds us that a true warrior is on the path of self mastery, learning to balance aggression and softness, will power and restraint, assertiveness and passivity. During the full moon, we’re asked to reflect on how the warrior shows up in our lives and release what is causing imbalance. Pluto retrograde reminds us that identifying with this archetype too much or too little can lead to shadow expressions. Too much, and we risk feeling attacked or challenged when there is no threat. We may be overly defensive, impulsive, and arrogant. Too little, and we may struggle with directness around wants / needs and assertiveness towards goals. 

Pluto invites us to reflect upon where we are giving our power away and to take responsibility for reclaiming it. For example, we give our power away every time we solely blame external circumstances for our realities, forfeiting our ability to see our role in its making along with our ability to change it. This can stifle the warrior archetype within that longs to pioneer a new way of being, fight for what one truly deserves, and create something different. Pluto challenges us to claim our power back by diving into the underworld of our psyches and bringing light to the shadow. 

Mars in Libra shows us that transformation happens once we bring love to internal warfare. When we can courageously sit with all sides of us that are in conflict, the protective parts versus the risk taking parts, and take all perspectives into account. Libra asks us to balance the scales, giving each part what is needed in order to restore harmony, whether that’s acceptance, compassion, or discipline or encouragement. How do you relate to the warrior within? Where do you see a need for balance and harmony?

Happy Aries Full Moon!

5 Ways to honor this full moon…

  1. Move your body: Aries is connected to movement and athleticism. Dance, run, exercise, jump - do whatever feels good and will help you to get the blood pumping. This sign is all about inciting passion and excitement.

  2. Channel the warrior within: You can do this by tapping into the leader within, setting a necessary boundary, advocating for your needs and desires, and channeling your personal power to create a new reality. This is a time for cultivating courage and confidence.

  3. Notice imbalance: Notice how the shadow aspects of the warrior turn up in your life. You may be afraid to speak directly, or maybe you’re quick to perceive conflict when there isn’t any. Now is the time to restore balance. 

  4. Work with the fire element: for releasing: Perform a releasing ritual to let go of anything holding you back from embodying the healthy expression of this archetype. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and burn it in a flame (take care to do this safely).

  5. Work with warrior deities: Deities such as Athena, Aries, The Morrigan, Maahes, and more are great to work with during the full moon. They can help you channel the warrior archetype and bring it back into balance.

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