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The Leo full moon on February 5th is an invitation for opening our hearts and healing in the realms of courage, confidence, and self-expression. With Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is an opportunity to open ourselves to higher expressions of love as Leo rules the heart in astrology. With Saturn in the mix, it’s time to face where we limit ourselves from embracing our full potential. This is also a great time to recognize where we resist self-expression and being seen. Leo reminds us that sometimes, bravery looks like owning our sovereignty, releasing the past, and opening to new experiences that validate our highest truth. It’s time to let go of what is keeping us small and step into how big we truly are with a mighty roar.

The Leo full moon brings many themes to the surface such as creativity, self-expression, regality, generosity, courage, confidence, sovereignty, attention, heart, loyalty, performance, charisma, and more. It forms an opposition to Saturn, highlighting where we are limiting, suppressing, or restricting ourselves in these areas. Saturn points to the work that must be done in order to build character and mature into who we’re meant to be. It’s time to face our limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck in the same karmic cycles for a while now. Saturn asks us to take responsibility for our realities and own our roles in their creation. It’s on us as individuals to notice where we’re feeling small, develop the self-discipline to recognize that this isn’t our truth, and get curious about how/why we aren’t reaching our full potential. With Lupercalia (an ancient pagan purification festival that involved match making) and Valentine’s day around the corner, this is particularly a great time to address matters of the heart. No matter your circumstances, love is always available. The full moon is an invitation to see where you are limiting your heart’s full capacity to give and receive love (this doesn’t have to be romantic) and release what is no longer serving you in this area of your life. 

Jupiter conjuncts chiron, the wounded healer, and forms a trine to the full moon. This placement encourages healing around owning our bigness and highest truths. Wounds that keep us small can sound like ‘I am too much’, ‘It’s not safe for me to take up space’, ‘There’s no room to express myself’, ‘I’m too dramatic’, etc. Chiron conjunct Jupiter asks us to embark on a healing journey so we can spiritually expand and grow. To meet the parts of us that felt rejected or dismissed in the past and long for healing. This placement invites us to see the opportunities within our pain to launch forward and cultivate the confidence, strength, and courage of the lion. Now is the time to recognize our highest truth - that we are limitless and are worthy of taking up space. Leo is connected to sovereignty and healing looks like owning our ability to step into regality. We are the kings and queens of our realities. If this was your truth, how would you show up differently in the world? What would change in your reality?

Mars in Gemini forms a sextile to the Leo full moon. This is an opportunity for self-expression, particularly in the realm of communication. While Jupiter invites us to own our bigness, Mars asks us to command our space with confidence. This can look differently for everyone. Perhaps you are usually timid, anxious, or reserved and your growth edge is to allow yourself to be a bit more spontaneous and speak your mind. Or maybe you air on the impulsive end when it comes to self-expression, and the invitation is to tune into your heart before you speak and develop patience. Whatever it may be, now is the time to own our desire to be seen and heard, and cultivate the confidence for getting this need met. It’s a great time to initiate conversations you’ve been wanting to have, share your ideas, and practice speaking from the heart. Leo reminds us that self-expression can also come in the form of creativity. Taking action on creative ideas in the realms of poetry, music, performance, painting, etc. can help you to release anything you’re holding onto and be seen in your process. 

Lastly, Uranus makes a square to the Leo full moon. This is a reminder to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Resistance to meeting your edges only shows you where growth is to be had. Let yourself be seen, own your talents, share your creations, and speak with conviction. This can lead to big insights and open doors you weren’t even aware were there. It can also help you step into your truth - your ‘bigness’. With the north node at play, this has the potential to change your current trajectory and help you move towards the path you’re meant to be on.

Happy Leo full moon!

Honoring this full moon may look like…

  1. Releasing Limiting Beliefs: This is a great time to identify limiting beliefs that are negatively impacting your courage and confidence. Consider making a list of things that are limiting you in these areas and perform a releasing ritual to let them go.

  2. Creatively expressing yourself: Leo is connected to creativity. This is a great time to express yourself through poetry, music, painting, etc.

  3. Taking up space: Address any wounds you may have that keep you small and prevent you from taking up space. Let yourself be seen, share your ideas and talents, and step into your ‘bigness’. Let yourself shine!

  4. Claiming regality: Journal on the following questions. If I knew that I was the queen/king in my reality, how would I show up differently? What would change in my reality? What do I need to release and cultivate in order to embrace this reality?

  5. Celebrating your path: Celebrate and recognize your talents by exercising them on the full moon. Honor the path that has gotten you to where you are and bask in gratitude.

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