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The Pisces full moon on August 30th is a major permission slip to slow down. With so many planets in retrograde, it’s a good idea to make space for introspection and retracing our steps. Full moons are generally known to bring sensitive material to the surface. This one happens to be a supermoon, and within the sign of Pisces, emotions can run at an all time high. The gift of deep emotion is that it serves as an internal compass, leading us to what needs attention and healing. This will come in handy as we navigate invitations to transcend karmic patterns. 

Saturn, lord of karma, is stationed retrograde and influences the full moon. This planet represents the qualities needed to reach our goals over time and shift our karmic unfolding. He is connected to work, discipline, commitment, character building, structure, and more. Within Pisces, a sign associated with the fantastical and intangible, Saturn will highlight where we have blockages to materializing our dreams. He’ll ask us to face karmic patterns that limit our highest potentials for the sake of healing and transcendence. This full moon will illuminate where we have fears around commitment, hard work, maturation and discipline. The shadow side of Pisces is also connected to escapism, so Saturn will reveal our distractions and addictions that enable us to detach from reality and avoid taking responsibility. 

Although Saturn can bring an element of ‘tough love’, Pisces softens the blow. This archetype is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and trust. It is Pisces that shows us the power of vulnerability and its ability to transcend karmic cycles. We heal when we have the bravery to fully feel the emotions that we try to run or escape from. We transcend when we can bring unconditional love and acceptance to these parts. Saturn in Pisces reminds us that sometimes the character building needed involves learning how to love and let go. 

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is also stationed retrograde and takes these lessons a step further. This planet is connected to dreams, illusions, and intuition. This planet calls us to pay attention to our fantasies, as they often point to hidden desires, needs, and passions that yearn to be actualized. In its shadow expression, Neptune is also connected to escapism, reminding us that it is sometimes our illusions that enable us to detach from truth. We are invited to reflect on where we may not be seeing things clearly or deceiving ourselves. Neptune is notorious for romanticizing reality and perceiving the world through ‘rose colored glasses’. 

Mercury retrograde in Virgo provides us with deeper insight. During this time, it is common to experience miscommunications, mishaps, and mistakes. Mercury, planet of communication and information, warns us against filling in gaps of missing information with our illusions or fantasies. With Mars at play, this can lead to heated conflict or tension that is preventable. If emotions arise in response to something going awry, we’re invited to pause and reflect instead of taking action. What information are your emotions giving you about the fears, stories, and patterns that are ready to be transcended? What are you being invited to sit with? What would it look like to bring love to these spaces? These are all great questions to explore during the retrograde period and full moon. 

Happy Pisces Full Moon!

5 Ways to Honor the Pisces Full Moon…

  1. Meditate & reflect: Now is a great time to meditate and reflect upon your daydreams and fantasies. What are you truly desiring to materialize into the physical dimension? What karmic patterns are holding you back from truly committing and putting in the work? Do you have escapist tendencies, and if so, what are they?

  2. Feel your feelings: Sitting with our emotions can be uncomfortable, but they are rich with information about our current state of consciousness and what needs attention or healing. Challenge yourself to be present with your feelings. 

  3. Heal & transcend: What would it look like to bring unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion to the pain or fears that are holding you back? It’s time to release what is no longer working in your favor so you can move forward. If you have trouble with self compassion, work with gods or goddesses that can help you embody this quality, such as Quan Yin or Eleos. 

  4. Do some Dreamwork: Pisces is connected to our dreams and fantasies. Set intentions for your dreams to give you insight into a particular issue you’re struggling with. Record your dreams in the morning and meditate on their meaning.

  5. Work with the element of water: You can work with the element of water to do a releasing ritual. Write your intentions on a piece of paper with leakable ink and allow the ink to seep into the water. As it does, visualize yourself letting go of whatever you listed on the paper. 

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