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Here, there be Dragons. The Dragon, with its great scaly wings, soaring across the sky of myths, legends, and fairytales, has captured the hearts and minds of many young witches. These creatures are fierce and wise. They guard their treasures and lairs. They’re brave, sometimes created to be the villain in the story, or sometimes the wise oracle, waiting to help the hero on their quest. Dragons are the consorts to the gods. They bring good fortune and haunt and rule the hallways of history. 

The origins of Dragons are murky and ancient, but the word first appeared in language in the 13th century, from the Latin and Greek dracōnis and drakōns. Some folklorists and historians believe that these myths come from the bones of dinosaurs being discovered or encountering new and fierce reptiles. Some think that the Nile Crocodile may have been a primary inspiration. 

The earliest myths of Dragons paint them as snakes in Mesopotamian art and Literature. In India, one of the oldest texts in the world speaks of a great Dragon. In Ancient Egypt, mythology told a story of Apep or Apophis, a giant serpentine creature who resides in the realm of the dead or below the horizon, born from Ra’s umbilical cord. In Ancient Greece, Dragons battled heroes, weaving themselves into the fabric of history. In Asia, notably China, Dragons have been honored in stories as bringing good fortune as the companions of Gods and Demigods. Dragons also appear in the mythology of the Philippines, North America, Central America, and South America. The Dragons we know and love today came to us through artwork and literature in medieval Europe.  

Dragons are ferocity embodied. They exist woven together with the origins of storytelling. They alchemize history with fire, stretch their wings, and fly across the sky. They live in the deepest caverns of the earth, beneath the mounds and the water, and yet can be seen high above our heads, casting shadows over the many lands where they have been honored and feared. The dragon appears to remind us that we, too, carry a bit of dragon fire in our hearts and that we hold their ancient stories. 

Messages from the Dragon…

Connect to your inner flame. Dragons breathe fire. They understand how fire cultivates creativity, desire, and drive. They are connected to the divine fire. Connect with your inner flame, and connect to the archetype of the Dragon. 

Read myths. Dragons are mythic. They’re old as stories themselves. They ask you to study the old myths and tales when they appear. What will you discover there

Take flight. Harness the confidence and power of the Dragon archetype. Is there an aspect of your life that is asking you to spread your wings? The Dragon appears to tell you to fly!

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