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The moon sets out to begin her monthly journey through the cosmos, with her first stop being Aries, the home of Mars. She approaches the house, but before she can get to the front door, she is joined by the god of war himself, just coming back from his afternoon run. He is quick to approach and startles her a bit. With a big smile and overflowing confidence, he introduces himself. I am Mars, welcome to my home, he says. He reaches for her hand and gives it a stern shake. The moon can immediately feel the fire in this god's presence, his masculine energy, and his fearlessness. It’s a bit much for her, but she reminds herself these are all good qualities to have when you are leading the charge.

The moon steps aside to let Mars lead and follows him into his home. She takes a look around and notices that the walls are adorned with antique weaponry, shields, and spears. No doubt tools of his trade. She considers this for a moment, how these tools are used to attack and defend, and wonders if he ever gets tired in this constant state of movement. Before she can think on it any longer, Mars moves the moon along, shuffling her up the stairs to her room. As she makes her way down the hall, she stops to look at the trophies on the bookcase. “First place in all of these?” She questions. Mars stands a little bit taller and says, “Of course. I compete to win.” He definitely isn't lacking in confidence, the moon smiles to herself. When they reach her room, Mars says that dinner will be ready downstairs in a couple of hours and that he is going to run out for a bit. He is leading a motivational sales meeting for his company today, and his team is waiting for him. Our moon nods her head, closes the door behind her, and begins to unpack before dinner. 

As she settles in for her 2-day stay, she thinks about what she has seen of her host so far and can't help but feel excited to learn more about him. His ambition is contagious, and he is clearly a born leader. Our lady Luna is intrigued.

A few hours later, she hears Mars’ bellowing voice downstairs and realizes he is home. She heads down to the dining room, wondering who he is talking to so loudly and excitedly. She passes him on his cell phone, and he motions her to take a seat at the table. The moon looks around the room as she patiently waits for Mars to end his call. A fire burns in the large fireplace, and books are stacked on the mantle. She looks closer and sees titles relating to The Trojan War, Alexander the Great, and leadership. These have been read multiple times, she can tell. The moon watches as Mars paces back and forth on his call and laughs at how he never seems to sit still. He’s an ambitious one in this house of Aries.

Mars’ ends his call, apologizes for the delay, explaining his frustration over how slow a project is going at work. If he were handling it himself, it would have been done by now. 

Over dinner, Mars focuses his attention on our moon, inquiring as to her travels and her future plans. Where is she going next, how long is it going to take to get there, and what are her intentions with this trip? She responds intuitively, telling him that she is just visiting her friends and learning from each of them as she goes. Mars looks a little frustrated at this answer and insists that there must be a goal of some sort; she must be planning to achieve something, or what is the point? The moon laughs and says perhaps he is right, and she should consider setting a measurable goal and plan for herself. Mars nods in agreement and gets to work making suggestions and sharing ideas. Together, he and the Moon spend the evening discussing the future, mapping out goals and finding solutions to any obstacles that may arise. 

He motivates her, encourages her to take charge of her destiny and reminds her that she is capable. They sit by the fire late into the night, making plans and building dreams. Our usually introverted moon is opening up in the presence of this fierce and motivating god.

When the evening is over, our introverted moon returns to her room and falls asleep feeling ambitious, capable, and excited about her future and her travels. She has a plan now, thanks to Mars and her stay in his house of Aries, and she is confident and excited to take action.

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