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Sticking to her new plan, the moon makes her way to the house of Libra, the domicile of Venus. The moon is looking forward to this stay; she and the goddess of love are old friends. As she approaches the stately Victorian house, she pauses to admire the rose garden. It is beautifully pruned and full of color, creating a balance of light in dark that surrounds the wrap-around porch. The front door opens and Venus steps out to greet our moon. She is breathtaking in a long silk dress, pearl earrings, and her wavy hair pulled back in a loose bun. The moon smiles and reaches out to embrace her hostess. “It is so good to see you friend.” Venus returns the embrace, grabs the moon's hand and pulls her inside. 

The inside of the home is just as beautiful as the outside and feels like an extension of Venus herself. Every piece of furniture and every stroke of paint has been meticulously chosen to create a serene and inviting atmosphere. The home may be a hundred years old, yet you would never know it. The goddess who owns it has clearly taken great effort to not only restore it, but to upgrade to modern amenities. The moon's gaze is drawn to the walls, adorned with masterpieces of art and myth, each telling a story of love and connection. Venus notices the moon's interest and begins to share their stories… “That one is cupid and psyche; they were so perfect for each other….and there, Hades and Persephone. So misunderstood…” The moon listened intently, soaking up every word as if she too, was in a love story of her own.

The moon was led to her room to get settled before dinner, and was in awe at the space she would be occupying for her stay.  The room had tall ceilings, crown molding and a giant four-poster bed situated in the center. She ran her hand over the top of the fluffy comforter and knew immediately she would be sleeping well in this house. Venus showed her to the closet, which was stocked full of beautiful dresses, shoes, and jewelry. “Choose whatever you’d like to wear for dinner; we are having a party tonight. I have invited a few of my friends over to dine with us.” The moon said thank you, and with that she was left alone.

She immediately crawled onto the bed and exhaled. Here, she felt cared for.

A few hours later, the moon made her way downstairs to the dining room. She had chosen a dark blue dress and a pair of selenite earrings for the evening and felt a little out of her element being so dressed up. She realized right away that she was not overdressed at all as Venus entered the room in her black sequins gown and red lipstick. She was the star of whatever room she entered, and the moon loved her confidence. There was a harmony about the space Venus occupied, and she seemed to carry it everywhere she went.

Seated around the dinner table were various friends of her hostess, each of them kind and welcoming to our moon. Venus introduced her to each person individually, pointing out their shared qualities and things they might have in common. “The Moon is traveling to Scorpio next week; you have been to Scorpio, haven't you?” She asks the man sitting next to her. The moon smiles and makes small talk, deeply appreciating how her friend ensures she is heard and feels connected to those around her. Wine is poured, and the table becomes alive with conversation.

The night continues on much in this way, with personal exchanges and sharing creating new friendships and bonds, and Venus as the perfect hostess. She listens intently, considers all sides of a discussion, and encourages authentic relationships. The moon watches her friend in awe and feels inspired. While a natural caretaker, the moon herself can feel a bit lonely at times, existing in her own intuitive and psychic space. In the house of Libra she is encouraged to connect with others, build relationships and create balance in herself. She craved the harmony that Venus embraced and knew she would be taking that with her when she left. She falls asleep late that night in the most comfortable bed she has ever slept in, grateful for her time with an old friend.

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