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As the Moon approaches the house of Pisces, she double-checks the address to ensure she has gotten it right. As the second home of Jupiter, she was expecting something grand but was surprised when she realized it was a sailboat. Standing on the bow was her host, dressed simply in cargo pants and a plain white tee.

He waved her over and extended his hand to help her climb aboard. The moon hadn’t stayed on a boat in a while, but she immediately felt at home on the water. Jupiter guided her to a seat on the deck and excitedly showed her his new telescope. This is where he watches for UFOs, he explained. He’s already seen three just today. 

He asks the Moon if she’s ever had an out-of-body experience or if she can astral project…he’s been practicing and thinks he has finally gotten it down.

As he continued, she thought about the Jupiter she met in Sagittarius. He was eclectic and expressive; this was a different side of the King of the Gods, and she liked him.

As the hours passed, the Moon and Jupiter exchanged theories on the creation of humanity, and what happens after death, and pondered if they were truly alone in the universe. They read tarot cards and shared their favorite crystals. They named the stars and traced the constellations with their fingertips. Then, they fell asleep on the deck under the stars.

Two days passed quickly in the contemplative company of Jupiter, and she really wished she could stay longer in this watery dreamland. He had taught her so much, expanded her horizons, and gave her some really interesting theories to ponder. She felt inquisitive and more aware of the mysteries of the universe. But alas, it was time to go. Jupiter hugged her and warmly expressed that he looks forward to seeing her again, and she believed him.

The Moon climbed off the boat, waved goodbye to her friend, and began her journey to Aries…

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