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The eleventh card in Major Arcana is Justice. Following the Wheel of Fortune, where we see a change on the horizon, we meet our friend Justice, ready to deal out consequences and earned actions.

As one of the more literal cards in the tarot, we meet her when there is a reckoning on the horizon, and something is about to be made right. This could be that a lie is about to be exposed, a truth is about to reveal itself or consequences are about to be realized. There is an integrity to this card and a karmic truth that cannot be avoided. Justice is an integral part of The Fools Journey as she reminds us that no matter how far we walk, the truth will always catch up with us. She is here to balance the scales and ensure that her will is served. When you see this card on your table, she can either spark relief or anxiety, depending on who’s truth she is revealing. If you are the one who has kept a lie that should never have been kept, she could speak to a coming exposure, which could make you feel fear.

If you know of a lie or injustice that you wish would be made right, her appearance could indicate that the time has come. The answers will lie in the surrounding cards and the spread. Reversed, she could be nudging you to tell the truth and speak to a time when you are being dishonest.

She is a reminder of the karmic balance and can serve as a warning that you are on the verge of upsetting the scales. Alternatively, she could speak to a time where you are living out the karma of past life actions. She also appears when you are in a situation where you are not being treated fairly and could serve as validation that what you are feeling is real. Again, take a look at the surrounding cards for more insight.

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