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As The Fool continues their journey through the Major Arcana, they meet The Hanged Man.

In the typical art, we see a person suspended by their leg, hanging from a tree. The Fool pauses, looking at this strange man in a tree, and wonders what he is staring so intently at. He tips his head to the side to mimic the viewpoint, and there, he see things the way the Hanged Man sees them.

He gains a new perspective. When this card shows up in your reading, it can speak to a time when you need to change how you view things to move forward or evolve. You are missing something, and you won’t find it unless you adjust your perspective.

Old thought patterns are not serving you, and old behaviors are holding you back. This card is telling you to pause, re-evaluate from a different vantage point or angle, and adjust as necessary. You can’t stay in that tree forever, and you can get down whenever you’d like…but use this time to consider a different perspective and to learn from what you see.

Reversed, this card can speak to a time where you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Ask yourself these questions: What is keeping you in that tree? Why can't you come down, or why are you not choosing to? It can also appear when you are resisting the call to slow down and are moving forward full steam ahead. In this way, it can serve as a warning. If you don’t take pause when needed, the universe will force it upon you, and that is never ideal.

The Hanged Man shows up when you need to take a pause so honor the message and try looking at your life from another perspective, you might be surprised when you see.

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