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The 5th card in the Major Arcana is the Hierophant. As we move along our journey of life, we continue to meet the cast and characters that shape and guide us.

We just left our encounter with The Emperor, who reminded us of the need for rules, structure, and order. On the heels of this lesson, we now approach The Hierophant, our spiritual teacher. He is there, in the middle of our road, ensuring we see that he must speak with us. The Hierophant is a master whose job is to teach and share wisdom. He is the masculine counterpart to The High Priestess and embodies the energy of a wise spiritual healer. When we meet this master, we are reminded that we are students of the divine, and no matter how far we have come, we still have much to learn. While there are times we are called to look inward for our guidance, The Hierophant is here to encourage us to look outward- outward to a teacher or mentor who can enlighten and encourage us on our path. He speaks to doctrine, religion, and the “leveling up” of our spiritual selves through mentorship and others' knowledge.

When The Hierophant appears reversed, you are reminded that you have the knowledge you need within yourself. You do not need guidance, approval or lessons from a master; you are the master. Much like The Hermit carries his own light, you are carrying your own spiritual wisdom.

The questions to consider when this card lays your table are this:

1.     What is the spiritual truth I am embodying? Does it align with my truth?

2.     What more can I learn to continue my spiritual growth?

3.     Who/Where can I gain wisdom and guidance that I trust?


The Hierophant does not speak to a lack of knowledge, but rather a time when your spiritual knowledge is ready to be embraced, acknowledged, or expanded on. You are the teacher and the student at various times in your life. Which one are you today?

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