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During December and the season of Yule, find new ways to shine your light. To celebrate, burn the Yule log, and decorate with evergreen, holly, and mistletoe as forms of magickal protection. December is a month to celebrate the shadow, experience deep gratitude, set your intentions for the coming year, and cast your eyes ahead on the lightening dawn.


Festivals and Gatherings…


Yule is one of the eight Sabbats on The Wheel of the Year. These sacred days are celebrated between December 20th and 25th. During Yule, there is a glittering of all that is magic in the stillness of the night. The snow makes noise underfoot during walks in the forest. 


Yule begins during the winter solstice. The winter solstice marks the true beginning of winter. During this time, in the depths of the darkness, it's time to learn to see by a different light, our own light. There is magic to be found even in the dead of winter.


Other than Sabbats…


During December, work with the magick of Garnet.


Garnet is a stone that has been used in Winter Solstice rituals for centuries as a talisman of fire, passion, vitality, and strength. Work with garnet when you need creative energy and support to reach your goals.


December is associated with Elder and the Birch on the Celtic Tree Calendar.


The Elder Tree is a good tree to work with for renewal and creativity. Birch is similar as Birch is the first tree to grow after a forest fire. This is a time to set intentions as well as a time to look internally to heal.


December is ruled by both Sagittarius and Capricorn.


Sagittarius season spans from approximately November 21st to December 21st.


Sagittarius is the season of the Archer. Sagittarius points its arrow toward the horizon and seeks adventure. While blazing off into the sunset, Sagittarius is flexible and a constant seeker.


After the 21st the collective moves into Capricorn season to work with the symbol of The Goat. Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined, energy to lean into as winter waxes full.


The Earth & Stars


The Full Moon is in Gemini on December 7th. 

The New Moon is in Capricorn on December 23rd. 


Check out our blog for detailed astrological insights.


Monthly Intentions


This month, set up an altar, burn a Yule log, display a Yule tree, burn rosemary for remembrance and purification, perform a sweeping ritual, and hang mistletoe above the door. Like Sagittarius, set your arrows toward the New Year, toast to gratitude, pay respects to the Solstice, light a candle in the window, stand in the snow, and stare up at the night sky while whispering a prayer.


Blessed be.


Written by Kate Belew  @k8belew

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