Goddess Series: Artemis

Goddess Series: Artemis

A Greek goddess of the hunt & the moon...

A Greek Goddess of the hunt and the moon, Artemis was one of the most well-known and beloved Goddesses in the Greek pantheon. 

As the daughter of Zeus and his lover Leto, Artemis' first few days out of the womb proved to be challenging—but it was this sort of challenge that forged the fierce Artemis into the skilled and intelligent Goddess we all know of today. 

You see, Zeus' wife Hera was deeply jealous and angry with Leto for becoming pregnant with her husband's children, and so, she did everything in her power to make the birth an unfortunate affair. Carrying twins, but limited by Hera's scheming and trickeries, Leto was only able to give birth to Artemis—leaving Apollo inside her womb. But only days after her birth, Artemis (still an infant) stepped up as her mother's midwife and assisted in birthing her twin brother, the God Apollo. 

It is said that from then on, Artemis bore a deep love for women and their young—swearing to be their protector and guardian always. 

As a virgin Goddess who vowed to stay chaste her whole life, Artemis demanded the same of her companions—all women and nymphs alike who served by Artemis' side, had to keep their virginity intact. 

In fact, honor and virtue was quite important to the virgin Goddess—her penchant for vengeance when that honor was betrayed was legendary. If anyone hunted any of her sacred animals,  tried to touch her virgin companions, or betrayed her in any way, Artemis would exact swift and unmerciful vengeance.

 But more than a Goddess known for her truly breathtaking vengeance, Artemis was the patroness of women and of the wild, first and foremost. She spent her days dancing with her nymphs in the meadows and the woods—hunting the wild beasts, and protecting them too. 

What does Artemis rule? 

Ruler of: hunting, the moon, wild animals, archery, forests, virginity, midwifery, the protection of women 

Associated with: stags, dogs, cypress 

Why would one call upon Artemis? 

·         To help you connect to the fierce femininity inside you 

·         To help you stay true to your honor and values 

·         To help you assist and uplift the women in your life 

·         To help you tap into your wildness and primal nature 

·         To protect you (and the women you love) from any negative or forceful energies

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