Citrine, Tumbled

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Healing Properties

Citrine is said to help in the removal of toxins and other excretions of the body. It is a popular stone for aiding in metabolism. Commonly called The Merchants Stone, it is revered for attracting wealth & prosperity. It can be carried on your person or placed in the home to attract positive energy, create a warm & comforting environment.


Astrological Sign: Gemini
Flowers: Daffodil & Primrose
Element & Planet: Air, Mercury
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Angel: Raphael

Care and Cleaning
Wash with sea salt & warm water. Place under a plant in sunlight for 20 minutes. (Avoid direct sunlight)

History, Ritual & Lore

Citrine is said to carry the power of the sun. Used for centuries in meditation, it is said to be a powerful aid in manifestation & channeling deeper thought. It is said Citrine is unable to hold any negative energy & possesses the ability to clean other stones. Historically it was believed to protect against snake bites, plagues & treachery. It has been noted as a popular stone for ancient talisman bags.


Small group of citrine points on a lace table.
Citrine points displayed on a table.

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