Quartz Tower

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Also called the “witches mirror,” this stone is said to be a master healer; known to remove toxins, boost the immune system and relieve head pain. It is also used to balance emotions & boost ones creativity. When carried and used in ritual, it is believed to protect against psychic attacks & promote clairvoyance while purifying the soul and aura.

Clean with salt water, smoke or sunlight. Place beneath a plant to charge on the night of the full moon.

Astrological Sign: Cancer & Leo

Gods & Goddesses: Gaia

Angel: Micheal

Element & Planet: Water, Fire, Moon & Sun

Chakra: Crown

It is said Hercules dropped a clear quartz known as the Crystal of Truth, from the top of Mount Olympus; shattering it into millions of tiny pieces. These pieces are the ones we find today. It is believed that one cannot tell a lie while holding a shard from the Crystal of Truth. Parts of Asia considered this stone pure dragon’s essence, while in Rome it was believed to be solidified ice, often carried by ladies to keep them cool on hot days.

Three clear quartz towers.

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