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Healing Properties
Said to be one of the most powerful healing stones, healers use Hematite to draw out illness in the body. It is known to aid in menstruation issues. As a self healing tool, its power and energy make this a most popular stone for use by psychics and mediums. Hematite can be used for astral projection work, grounding & as a shield to psychic attacks.


Astrological Sign: Aries
Flowers, Herbs & Oils: Dragons Blood, Ginger, Saffron
Element & Planet: Fire, Mars
Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus
Angel: Uriel

Care and Cleaning

Cleanse with smoke from cedar or place atop a quartz cluster. Charge under the full moon.

History, Ritual & Lore

Historically noted for its powerful energy, ancient Greeks ready for battle rubbed themselves down with crushed Hematite to make themselves invincible. When large deposits of Hematite were found on a battlefield, it was believed to be the blood of fallen soldiers. Ancient Egyptian tombs have been discovered with Hematite inside them. A common stone on earth, it is also found everywhere on the planet Mars & is greatly responsible for the planets red color.


*Contains 2 small stones (1-2cm)

Loose hematite on display.
Loose hematite on display.

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