Magickal Herbs Booklet

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Written by one of our own house witches, this booklet contains the magickal properties of 51 popular ritual herbs. Use this booklet as a tool for learning and as a reference for selecting your herbs for use in rituals, spells and manifesting. 


Mugwort (sailor’s tobacco, cronewort)

Earth element. Moon. Feminine.

Perhaps one of the most famous dreamtime herbs, mugwort acts as a powerful guide into our subconscious and can be used for lucid dreaming or astral travel. Mugwort is commonly burned before any dreamwork as way to enter an altered state of consciousness, but also as a form of protection. Mugwort was often carried as a talisman to protect travelers in dreamland, but also in the physical realm as well.

Front cover of the Magickal Herbs booklet

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