Pagan Prayer Beads- Zodiac Sign

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In many different cultures, prayer (or intention) beads are used to help ground and focus your energy when working in your practice. Use these beads to count your prayers, release your worries, or keep them in your hand as a reminder to stay focused. Repeat your intention, running your fingers over each bead, once per bead. This can be done vocally or mentally. 

These Prayer Beads were made by hand by Tamed Wild Creatrix, Shelby, and her daughter, Saylor. They consist of real stones and glass spacer beads, depending on the design.

Specs: Blue Tigers Eye beads are 6mm, and the strand includes 20 beads + spacers and a zodiac sign charm.

Pagan Prayer Beads- Zodiac Sign
Pagan Prayer Beads- Zodiac Sign

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