Wild Runes Deck

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The newest addition to the Tamed Wild Deck Series, the Wild Runes Deck brings you the entire Elder Futhark in the medium of cards. Use with your favorite rune set to help decipher the meanings of your reading or alone as a form of divination. 

Painted by the talented Zarina Karapetyan (@zarinakay_ )

Deck includes the 24 rune cards.

Each card includes the name and pronunciation of the rune, associations, meaning, history & lore, chakra, element & tarot associations and invocation.

What are Runes:

Dating back to as early as the second century CE, the origins of the Common Germanic runic futhark system has endless theories, which is fitting – these esoteric symbols seem to span cultures, territories, & time itself. One of the most well known origin myths is Odin’s ordeal of self-sacrifice; hanging himself for nine nights on Yggdrasil, the World Tree in Norse lore, the almighty god sacrificed an eye - it was at this time, it is said, that the magick, mystery & wisdom of the runes were revealed to him. 

From the Mediterranean, to the Danube, to Switzerland, to the North Italic’s & Etruscan’s, and to Germania - where this arcane collection of shapes & sounds echoing nature’s language & landscape was embraced & infused into tribal spirituality - there is no shortage of links & references to this ancient alphabet. Since little recorded history exists outside of the Icelandic Eddas, it’s the oral traditions that have truly carried the secrets & power of the runes forward. Perhaps that’s fitting; to completely pin-point & decode these symbols would strip them of their evocative source, and it is this very energy that continues to draw people in, opening an unparalleled road of self-discovery & initiation. 

And it is here, within this deck, that the lore & magick of this history continues.

Wild Runes Deck

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