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Healing Properties

Sodalite is said to boost the immune system, balance the metabolism & cleanse the organs. It is commonly used to boost confidence & promote assertiveness. A universal healing stone, Sodalites energy can be a comfort to parents of children who have recently left home.  

Care & Cleaning

Cleanse with warm salt water & bury next to an herb or flower, under the full moon.


Astrological Sign: Cancer

Herbs & Plants: Hyssop, Lavender, Mugwort

Element & Planet: Air, Water, Moon

Chakra: Brow, Throat

Gods/Goddesses: Dana, Hera, Nuit, Venus

History, Ritual & Lore

Rare, sought after pieces of Sodalite have been found in the lava beds of MT Vesuvius in Italy. Referred to as the "Stone of Wisdom," it is said to foster wisdom, knowledge & communication. Also called the "Stone of Truth," it was thought that a person holding a Sodalite stone was unable to tell a lie.